After more than a decade of working with a variety of corporate hospitality and entertainment organizations, we saw that a substantial need existed in the business environment for the offering of customized, high-level, and complete turnkey access and entertainment packages.
We also recognized that these very intimate, relationship-building programs needed to be run by reliable and competent business professionals-people who understood and knew how to deliver the values available within, and inherent to, successful programs.
Global Sports Access (GSA) has provided these services to a wide variety of corporations, celebrities, and very discriminating individuals-many of whom do not wish the notoriety or the cost and hassles associated with purchasing full sponsorship programs for "the right" types of accesses at these major events.
Be it an internal promotional tool, reward for past, present, or future business, executive perks, or discrete personal travel-GSA can accommodate your every need. GSA works with you in developing carefully planned, personalized programs that offer exclusive access and unique entertainment opportunities-ordinarily reserved for only the most elite corporate sponsors and event participants.
GSA specializes in a comprehensive menu of service that includes:
  • customized event attendance,
  • access to official functions,
  • celebrity entertainment,
  • made-to-order activities,
  • unique catering,
  • private transportation, and
  • adjustable staffing ratios-to name just a few.
Additionally, GSA is available for consulting engagements. We can design your custom outings, assist in evaluating/negotiating particular sponsorship programs, or act as an on-site event management team.

For a distinguished few, Global Sports Access offers distinctive programs that provide an unforgettable experience and impressive opportunity in corporate entertainment.


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